Enero 2018

Directed by Leonardo Amati
Camera: Marco Zambon
Light Designer: Abdellatif Ouarrak
Set Coordinator: Sebastiano Borsetto

Adrian Suliap
Nuhi Onuzi

Song written by Tomaso De Mattia

La Verità

Diciembre 2017

La sociedad de hoy puede transformar en bienes cualquiera cosa y, en frente de periódicos rampantes que van buscando un enemigo para el próximo monólogo teatral y nuevos bloggers inmersos en el amor por si mismos, la verdad no es una excepción.

Directed By Leonardo Amati
Camera: Marco Zambon
Backstage: Caterina Zampedri
Editing: Leonardo Amati
Motion & Color Grading: Daniele Bagolin

Dalla Pallida Mirò

Octubre 2015

Recorded and edited: Luca Perin a.k.a. Sciukka
Camera Assistant: Francesco Gozzo
Trick: Federica Miani
Actress: Alice Centazzo

Zu Atrapatu Arte (Kortatu)

Abril 2015

Taken from 7' "L'Odore della Morte"
Editing - Wolfilm

L’odore della morte

Mayo 2014

The song is taken of "10 Year - Live in Iruna" out 18.07.2014 on Destiny Rec.

The song was recorded live in Iruna (Pamplona) in Nov '13, the video scenes were filmed in Germany March '13 and are taken out of the Documentary, that will be on the Bonus DVD of the CD Verison of "10 Years".

Video Credits:
Edited by Nicola Gusella
Post Production by Wolfilm

La Mia Città

Octubre 2013

A song about Italy, a country born from Resistance, and ruined by 30 years of Berlusconism, when culture, history and moral values disappeared from people's social and political life...


Marzo 2013

Trash Television, reality shows, and religion: an italian way of non-culture!

San maritan

Diciembre 2012

Director: Karma Gava
Director of Photography: Ludovico Chincarini
First Assistant Director: Ludovica Alberti
Set Designer: Martina Fabian
Camera First Assistant: Davide Cortese
Best Boy: Philipp J. Kiosz
Postproduction in collaboration with OFFICINA IMMAGINI
Story by Tomaso De Mattia

Destiny Records & Broken Silence

Danza dell’Autunno Rosa

Noviembre 2012

From the record "Gran Galà" out Nov 23rd 2012 on Destiny Records.

This song is about following and then waking up from the lies our mighty leaders tell us every day.

Perduto Maggio

Mayo 2011

Perduto Maggio is dedicated to the funeral of Peppino Impastato, killed by the mafia shortly before the city elections for which he was candidate. The funeral became the first great anti-mafia manifestation: his coffin was brought in the main square by his friends, for the first time brave enough to speak out against what mafia was doing to their people. His mother Felicia and his brother Giovanni raised their fists in response to the people, and this touching moment testifies their will to carry on the fight and obtain truth and justice.

La parabola dei battagghi

Marzo 2011

Official video "La parabola dei battagghi".
From "La cretina commedia", Talco, Destiny records.

La Carovana

Enero 2007

Combat ska-punk band from Venice, Italy.
Song: La Carovana.
Album: Combat Circus.